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New Boilers

New Boilers

Replacing Your Boiler

If your boiler is more than 15 years old it is very likely that its efficiency has dropped to as little as 70%. We fit modern condensing gas boilers with efficiencies of over 90%. This means that you will typically save up to 30% on your fuel bills by installing a new boiler. In other words, by replacing an older, low efficiency boiler with a new, high efficiency boiler, you can cut your fuel bills by nearly a third. Even greater savings can be achieved by combining your boiler upgrade with Heating Controls upgrade. Typical users of gas or oil in a four-bedroom house would recover the initial cost of the boiler and heating control upgrade in around three to four years.

Replacing old boilers makes good sense for three reasons

With the Better Energy Homes scheme, you can be eligible for a grant to help cover the cost of boiler and Heating Controls upgrades.

High Efficiency Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers have a much higher efficiency than non-condensing boilers and since March 31st 2008, when installing a replacement oil or gas boiler. it is now a requirement that the boiler be condensing, where practical.

How does a Condensing Boiler Work?

Condensing boilers are highly efficient. They use less fuel and have lower running costs than other boilers. Higher efficiency levels are made possible by extracting heat contained in the combustion gases, which would otherwise have been lost to the atmosphere. When gas is burned, the hydrogen from combustion links with oxygen in the air to form H2O (water). The water vapour (or steam) contains about 8% of the total fuel's energy condensing boilers capture the energy from the water vapour by condensing it, and therefore are much more efficient

Adept Oil & Gas Services supply and install high efficiency condensing boilers from leading manufacturers including:

Glowworm energy 30c 7 year Warranty

We can install external & internal boilers including combination (combi) boilers

Adept Oil & Gas Services can advise you on the best type and size of new boiler based on the actual heating requirements for your home. This ensures that your boiler operates at its optimum capacity and will be the most cost effective.

We Flush all heating system with the all new pro flush flushing unit before we fit New Boiler.

Glow-worm SX High Energy Efficient Boiler with 7 years parts and labour warranty

We are a Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) Registered Installer (SEAI Reg. No. 15449) and you may be eligible for grants under the SEAI Better Energy Homes Scheme (BEH) to cover part of the costs of a new heating installation (see Heating Controls) or upgrade to your heating system with a new energy efficient boiler.

Glow Worm Energy Boilers 7 Year Warranty
Worcester bosch 4000 10 year Warranty
Ideal Vougue 10 Year Warranty
Baxi 619 7 year warranty

Grant Amounts Available.

Heating controls up grade €700

Upgrade Your Boiler and Improve your Home's Energy Rating