Heating Controls

Reduce your Energy Usage with Effective Heating Controls

How would you answer the following questions about your central heating system :
  • Do you have a temperature control on your boiler?
  • Do you have a timer control on your boiler?
  • Can you programme the boiler timer settings for different days of the week?
  • Can you control the temperature on your hot water cylinder independently?
  • Can you set the timer for your hot water cylinder independently?
  • Can you turn on your radiator heating without heating your water cylinder?
  • Do you have temperature controls for each of your radiators so you can control the heating for the rooms you use most often?
If you answer no to any of these questions then you should consider upgrading your heating controls to the latest technology. Upgrading your heating controls alone can save up to 30% of your energy costs.

Heating Control Benefits

Heating controls help regulate your heating, optimise energy usage in your home and reduce your heating bills and your carbon footprint.
  • Reduced Heating bills
  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Improved Comfort levels
Contact Us today to begin to make savings or read more below about heating control upgrades below.

Grants Available

Improve your family's comfort level and save money by upgrading your heating controls with Adept Gas & Oil Services, Cork, Ireland
We are Registered Installers with Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI) (SEAI Reg. No. 15449) and you may be eligible for grants under the SEAI Better Energy Homes Scheme (BEH) to cover part of the costs of a new heating installation (see Heating Controls) or upgrade to your heating system (see New Boilers) with a new energy efficient boiler.
Adept Gas & Oil Services SEAI Reg. No. 15449 Contact us to discuss your heating control requirements and grants available.

Match your Heating Controls to your Living Pattern

Every household has its own living pattern. Heating controls, installed by Adept Gas & Oil Services, enable you to match your radiator heating and hot water schedules to the specific requirements of your household.
Programmable Timers and full heating control upgrade can save you up to 30% on your heating bills - contact Adept Gas & Oil Services, Cork, Ireland

Programmable Timers

Heating controls from Adept Gas & Oil Services incorporate programmable timers which split your household heating into two separately controlled heating zones - one for space heating and one for domestic hot water. In this way you can turn on your hot water without needing to also turn on your space heating and vice versa. Additional heating zones can be created in larger homes e.g. to split downstairs from upstairs or bedrooms from living areas.
A Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV)  is  fitted to each radiator. Adjust, independently of the overall boiler temperature, at any time  - upgrade your heating controls with Adept Gas & Oil Services, Cork, Ireland

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)

TRVs are fitted to each individual radiator and can be adjusted, independently of the overall boiler temperature control, at any time, to your requirements. These can then be used to regulate the amount of heat passed into the radiator according to the current room temperature. Set the TRV to a temperature setting to match your required comfort level and then, as the room temperature reaches that comfort level, the heat flow is reduced by the TRV. TRVs are particularly useful in rooms where there are other heat sources e.g. kitchens or where the temperature requirement varies at different times of the day e.g. bedrooms or where there are rooms that are less frequently used.

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